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shock wave therapy

Has anyone had shock wave therapy at the San Francisco foot and ankle office in Sacramento? What did you think of the people and the treatment?


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How do you expect to do that when accessibility to yelp via mobile devices forces you to download the app. I understand the push for your app, but when you force mobile traffic (which has surpassed desktop traffic by a landslide within the last few years) to download your app to check out reviews for a business here and there, you just lost a significant amount of business right when a mobile user goes to your website and is hit with the “DOWNLOAD OUR APP TO VIEW THIS” type of message.

Having to “request desktop site” is quite possibly the most annoying and the opposite of user friendliness. To get to the question, is there another reason why mobile users have to download the app besides wanting a huge push for your app?


Cancel order

I want to cancel order so I called the restaurant and they say that yelp has to cancel.


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