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Honest factual substantiated bad reviews are routinely filtered out.

Good reviews take center stage.

YELP has lost it's compass and validity as gate keeper for consumer.

I also declare under penalty of perjury I speak the truth and nothing but the truth to the best of my knowledge so help me God.

I did Perry Mason proud. Who has time to read 100 words?

Pissed Consumer should not expect reviews to be at least 100 words.

Short, sweet, succinct words of truth should suffice.

YELP filtered out my experience with a major insurance company, employment agency and a hospital. Even YELP was given a thumbs down:

Review Filter Inquiry

Legitimate truthful reviews are routinely filtered and for unknown reasons.

It appears YELP only allows positive reviews.

Could someone please explain?

This only compromises the validity of ratings and value add from YELP.

I am closing my account with YELP.

Good Bye and Good Luck!

Monetary Loss: $1.

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I like Yelp. My experience has been different from yours.

Some of my good Yelp reviews were filtered but my bad reviews still stand to this day.

Take the Better Business Bureau as an example? Most people think the BBB is honest but I don't. To me the BBB appears to be a really crooked organization. I know for a fact that the BBB screens bad reviews against their paying members.

I know for a fact that the BBB also goes out of there way to really screw with businesses that are not paid members. Don't take my word for it just Google "20/20 investigates the BBB" and get informed.

I trust Yelp reviews a whole lot more than what the BBB has posted.

People's opinions may differ but it is good that we have many forums such as Yelp where we can get information on businesses.

to KK #769639

Ditto. My experience has been opposite.

Yelp sucks but BBB is the best referee.

BBB actually takes complaints and contacts business on your behalf.

Try that with Yelp. :p

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