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Yelp approached me to advertise with them to get more positive reviews.After nine months, I elected to terminate our relationship.

Then I began to notice that several five star reviews had been removed from our business total. Under the category, "other reviews that are not currently recommended", we now see three one-star, one three-star, two four-star...and 23 five star reviews. How is it possible to have such a preponderance of five-star reviews suddenly become unsuitable to post? I called Yelp to express my suspicions and irritation and was informed that "no human makes the's all decided by Yelp's" mysterious and unknowable algorithm.

A rationale person might reasonably think that humans were indeed involved and that the unexplained disappearance of those great reviews was directly connected to my refusal to pay them any more money. And guess what?

There's no recourse.These guys are bullies.

Review about: Yelp Review Listing.

Reason of review: Bullying tactics.

Preferred solution: Would like Yelp to be transparent in their selection of which reviews are pulled from their site..

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